Advantages of Using Poltron-Wuzetem Nozzles

100% Brand New: All of our nozzles are brand new - which ensures peak performance and a long service life. Reconditioning nozzles may save on initial costs, but the process runs a high risk of diminishing both the performance and service life.

Guaranteed Quality:We guarantee that our products are free of material and manufacturing faults while being used in normal working conditions. Our warranty covers a 12 month period from the time the part was installed in the engine, or 18 months after the part was shipped.

Material + Heat Treatment:Only the most durable and premium quality steel alloys are used. All nozzles are also heat-treated and hardened to further guarantee peak performance and a long service life. Specialized carbonizing and nitriding processes are also available.

Spray Hole Precision:Spray holes are drilled using electronic discharges between two electrodes - this is known as electrical discharge machining (EDM). The EDM process is undergone with full real time feed back to the flow control unit.

Hydro Erosive (HE) Rounding:After the "EDMing" of the spray holes, HE Rounding is undergone. This process "rounds" the orifices with the use of an abrasive fluid, creating a smoother and more consistent fuel delivery. As a result, the flow tolerance is tightening to +/- 1.5%, also benefitting both performance and service life.

Additional Info:

  • Unique lab equipment for testing of metallurgical characteristics, hydraulic flow and dimensional characteristics with <1 micron accuracy
  • Automated process of matching the needle to body
  • Laser etched Data Matrix codes available upon request. This can be used as an anti-counterfeit measure as well as for easy identification. 


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